5 Tips on How to Travel on a Budget

Here are five travel budget tips...

While many would choose to spend their money on items, others prefer to spend theirs on experiences because experiences don’t fade away, they are evergreen memories that can be cherished forever.

A good way of having wonderful experience is through travelling. We know that travelling does not always come cheap (especially now) so most people would opt to travel on a budget.

Here are 5 tips on how to travel on a budget without breaking the bank

1. Do Your Research
Adequate planning is necessary for you to make that trip. Most times it is tempting to rush into planning and you might end up going off your budget. The best thing to do is to do a thorough research on your travel destination. Check travel blog posts on the destination, talk with other travelers that have been to the place to learn from their experiences, spend time reading reviews that are available by the World Travel Club portal. If a particular mode of transportation is quite expensive, you might want to consider other alternatives that are cheaper but make sure they are credible and laudable.

2. Sort Out Your Accommodation
The next thing to sort out would be your accommodation. Although it may not be the time to lodge in a five-star hotel. As you consider your comfort, World Travel Club members can find great four-start hotels for three-star or less prices. What is more important than having a safe and nice place to sleep? So think of cheaper accommodation services in your travel destination. Another thing to consider is Extended Stays that provide the best value when staying more than five nights. Vacation Homes section offers the perfect setting if you are traveling with a large group and want a more unique experience with the privacy of a home. Vacation homes are offered throughout top destinations and feature multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and sometimes private yards and pools. The surest bet is to contact friends that you can stay with when you travel.

3. Don’t Overspend During Your Stay
Take time to visit tourist attractions that comes with little or no costs. World Travel Club members can ask their Personal Concierge or a tourist’s guide on how you can maximize your stay without overspending. Hiring a cab driver may incur more costs. This is the time to take shuttle buses or cheap public transport. Try as much to limit your eating out because that might be more expensive. If you are going to staying in your travel destination for more than a day, buy groceries. This would save more cash than eating out at a restaurant.

4. Stay In Touch
Make sure your cell phones are handy to communicate with people back home. These days cell phones are quite affordable and easy to buy even for the shortest trip. More so, talk is cheap. You can make phone calls via the internet. This would also be a good time to source for free WiFi connections so that you can enjoy a face-time connection without borders. Skype is another option that is good and quite inexpensive.

5. Make Money While You Travel
Put your thinking cap on and take hold of this your travelling opportunity to generate other streams of income by running a website, go job hunting in the places you would be visiting, being a freelancer/ virtual assistant, sell products, house sitting, earning passive income, working remotely, and so on.

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