Where To Charge Your Phone for Free

Here are five places you can charge your phone for free...

You’re about to head out, and then you remember your phone needs charging. But then you realize there’s no electricity, and you are on a strict schedule. Don’t panic! You can still run your errands or make that important call while away.

Here are five places you can charge your phone for free:

  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Public Libraries
  • Coffee Shops
  • At the Mall
  • At the Gym

Let’s take an in-depth analysis of each of these places and other related topics to this question.

1. Fast Food Restaurants
While fast food establishments might not be known for their charging ports, many have them. The next time your phone is dead, and you have no idea where else to turn, why not try a fast-food restaurant?

As long as you order something while you wait, these establishments will be happy to top off your phone battery. Some may even have power outlets at tables or booths where you can set up shop.

2. Public Libraries
Most public libraries offer free Wi-Fi and computer use, and they will let you plug your devices into their electrical outlets. A library is an excellent option if you don’t have an outlet while out on vacation but need a reliable power source for charging your phone.

Libraries typically require that you’re either checking out a book or doing research. If you can prove that you’re there for one of these reasons, the staff will let you borrow their power

3. Coffee Shops
Consider charging up at local coffee shops when you need a jolt of caffeine or some time away. Most establishments offer Wi-Fi and electrical outlets on their premises.

They also have seating areas where you can rest while your device recharges. You can always pay with a drink or snack if necessary.

4. At the Mall
The next time you’re out at a mall and your phone’s battery is about to die, head over to one of the mall kiosks. Kiosks tend to have electrical outlets that customers aren’t using, so don’t be afraid to use one if you need a quick charge.

Most malls also offer charging stations where you can sit down and relax while your phone charges. Just make sure to bring your cord.

If you’re at a mall food court, there will likely be tons of outlets people use all day. Should you need to charge up on a Sunday afternoon with an hour until dinner, keep an eye out for an

5. At the Gym
Most people assume that public charging stations at gyms will be off-limits if you don’t belong. Not true. Many facilities encourage their clients to take advantage of these stations.

Almost every gym will have a few wall-mounted power outlets for charging phones and other electronic devices.

Use your exercise as an excuse to catch up on emails or get your work done by taking advantage of these power sources.

Can I charge my phone without using electricity?
All of us have found ourselves without electricity at some point or another. It can either be because of a power outage or because we’re traveling somewhere without access to an electrical outlet.

The good news is that there are several alternative ways to charge your device when you’re away from home. You can plug your phone into your car’s or computer’s USB port.

Keep in mind that many of these options won’t necessarily charge your battery as quickly as plugging into an outlet would.

How do the homeless charge their phones?
The homeless rely on their phones just as much as you do. They can charge their phones at, shelter homes and community centers. Many shelters have charging stations for guests and staff members who need them.

When you’re constantly on the go, it can be challenging to find a place where you can charge your device. Don’t be concerned if you can’t find a power outlet. You can utilize the above
locations and many more to power your phone.

By using a higher voltage charger, fast charging allows you to power up your device more quickly than standard charging.

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